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Summer’s Calling: Part 2

Summer’s Calling: Part 2

Extraordinary summer vacations are making vacationers put down their beach read to refocus on the road less travelled.

Voyage to Nowhere

Travellers can now be Gulliver, or their own captains of the sea, setting sail on a summer voyage to unchartered waters. All thanks to Rascal Voyages, which provides an adventure of a lifetime on board a luxurious and contemporary 30m yacht, the sailing experience involves exploration of the thousands of islands in the Indonesian archipelago.

Rascal reinvented the Indonesian phinisi hull architecture with cutting-edge design and technology to transform the traditional sailing boat into a safe and modern yacht equipped with five-star hospitality such as Indonesian and Western fine dining, bar services complete with professional barman, and a one-to-one crew-to-guest ratio.

On board the superyacht, guests can soak up the sun and enjoy unparalleled view of turquoise waters, meandering bays, and lush forested islands. A voyage is only complete with an expedition. Hence, the adventure continues off the yacht, where guests can trek up a volcano, tour mangrove swamps, and observe Komodo dragons at the various national parks. Such adventures forge vivid memories and certainly beats sitting on the beach with sand stuck in cracks one never knew existed.

Up Close with Nature

A bird’s eye view of the Wild Coast Tented Lodge in Sri Lanka suspiciously confirms one’s fear (or delight) that Jurassic World does exist, where the setting comprises an uninhibited jungle with giant eggs and unknown creatures lurking amongst the flora and fauna. Turns out, the eggs are luxurious “cocoon suites” boasting vaulted ceilings, glass facades, chic interiors, and panoramic views of the jungle and the Indian Ocean. The creatures lurking are not dinosaurs, but rather the revered and elusive Sri Lankan leopards, residents from the nearby renowned Yala National Park.

To be specific, the suite combines the comforts of luxury hotels with the back-to-nature excitement of a wilderness safari camp. The structures are made of fabric, as if guests are living in a tented camp and the double-height façades offer unadulterated views of the jungle, birdlife, and lush landscapes. Guests can also enjoy the primal surroundings while soaking in private pools. Like the Sri Lankan leopards, guests are guaranteed privacy and exclusivity to a part of the world not usually occupied by humans, and in equilibrium with nature.

Completing the safari experience, guests can visit the nearby national park and go on expeditions to witness elephants and sloth bears in the wild. It is that ultimate escape for a summer vacation that is foreign, exciting, and filled with stories to tell.

Summer's Calling: Part 1

Extraordinary summer vacations are making vacationers put down their beach read to refocus on the road less travelled.

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