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Prada’s Ion Orchard pop-up is dedicated to its timeless Nylon Vela

Prada’s Ion Orchard pop-up is dedicated to its timeless Nylon Vela

Following last month’s Robot installation, Prada’s next pop-up is dedicated to its timeless Nylon Vela collection. The store showcases “tessuto vela” — the brand’s iconic ultra-thin nylon fabric — now remixed with new colours and contemporary shapes in a selection of modern and sophisticated backpacks, bum bags and totes.

Held at Ion Orchard, the 63-square-metre space is defined by black-and-white chequered carpet flooring — a signature Prada element — and teamed with modern materials such as natural aluminium for the display units. Life-size versions of the Trick Robots even make an appearance to welcome guests to the store.

The Prada Nylon Vela pop-up installation is now open to public until 30 November.

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