“Dries”: an exclusive peek into the private world of Dries van Noten 

  • By Men's Folio Editoral
“Dries”: an exclusive peek into the private world of Dries van Noten 

For the first time ever, Dries Van Noten allowed a filmmaker to accompany him in his creative processes and home life – and it was for an entire year at that. In that span of time, Reiner Holzemer managed to record all the precise steps that Dries takes to conceive four collections – the use of rich fabrics, intricate embroidery and prints that have become synonymous with his designs. Also captured are the conceptualisation of shows, must-sees for critics at Paris fashion week, that bring his elaborate collections to life.

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“Entering Dries Van Noten’s house and garden, I had the impression that I was entering another world. A sanctuary untouched by any unwelcome external influence. I was as touched as I was amazed by our host. I was intrigued by his heightened sense of perfection,” says Holzemer.

He explains that the designer – who has been self-financed since the beginning of his career, for over 25 years – took no less than three years to finally agree to being filmed. “He was cautious. I committed to shoot alone with an occasional sound-man and agreed to test shoots to see how things felt. With time, Dries forgot the camera was rolling, settled into being himself.”

Check out the trailer for the film below.

Dries, the film, will be screened at A Design Film Festival Singapore 2017 from 1-10 September.