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Four Tips for Healthy Hair

Four Tips for Healthy Hair

Our country’s weather wreaks heavoc with our hair and scalp, regardless of the type of hair one might be born with. The condition of a naturally oily calp is exacerbated by the humidity, and can eventually lead to hair loss, while the equatorial heat does no favours to dull or damaged hair. Fashion-savvy gentlement especially have to be aware of the way hair products can clog the pores on the scalp, which can cause several kinds of scalp and hair problems. So be sure to follow these four simple tips to make sure you’re maintaining your hair just right. 

  1. Wash your hair every day, using products that match your scalp and hair type

No matter how intimidating the thousands of shelves filled with multi-coloured shampoo and conditioner are, by no means should you simply grab and go. There’s a good reason why there’s a prolific range under most established hair product brands, and it is imperative for you to find out which type of products fit your hair best. Dry hair responds well to moisturizing shampoo, while men with oily scalps should go for something that promises volume.

  1. Dump hair products that are difficult to wash off

No matter what type of scalp you have, excessive washing is never going to be good for it. Prepare for a bad case of dandruff if you already have naturally dryer skin on your head; if oily, the glands that already produce excess sebum will produce even more when the natural layer has been stripped off by the repeated washing.

  1. Conditioner works wonders

That being said, it’s sometimes impossible to tell how difficult it is to remove a product until you actually try. When that happens, instead of copious repetitions of shampooing and rinsing, just slab the conditioner on straight for the first round to soften the shell of hardened gel, before going for a second round with shampoo. Additionally, unless you have naturally smooth flowing hair, conditioner should be a part of your daily hair routine as well.

  1. Hair serums aren’t only for the ladies

Everyone needs a little extra help once in a while, and it’s no shame to find the assistance you need. Gentlemen with longer locks especially will know that sometimes the ends of the hair can get quite dry with constant use of product and subsequent washing. Apply the serum about an inch away from the scalp and work it in with your fingers for best effect.

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