#MFMF71 Fashion Stylist & Writer Manfred Lu’s Sewing Playlist

#MFMF71 Fashion Stylist & Writer Manfred Lu’s Sewing Playlist

Scroll through hustle-titled playlists on Spotify and you’ll find heaps of hip-hop, pop-infused Top 40 songs.

However, those playlist have never worked for me, especially not when I’m sewing. Yes, I occasionally partake in the ritual of sewing, after all I did study it for years and have found myself eventually not utilising the skill as much as I should. Whenever the chance arises, I turn to an unlikely genre for some much-need motivation — K-pop. 

While it’s easier to explain how my lack of knowledge for the Korean language ensures that I attain full concentration, it’s actually just how great these songs are that makes it oh-so-fun to sit by a sewing machine for days. 

So without further ado, here are four songs that keeps me going when I’m sewing.

SUNMI — pporappippam

While quirkily-styled music videos might be the forte of the ex-Wonder Girls member, SUNMI, her best trait lies in crafting music that’s just fun and joyful.

Pporappippam (which means purple-hued nights in Korean) might just be the best pop song released this year and perhaps of all time (according to me). So if you’d like a cultural-reset to the pop music you’ve been listening to, hurry up and click on the play button.

LOONA/yyxy — love4eva (feat. Grimes)

K-pop and Grimes — I’ve said it all.



Blackpink has been called many things — a 2NE1 knockoff, being excessively overrated and many more.

However, this single before their hiatus from their debut proves that there’s more to them than meets the eye. AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST removes all the gimmicks their headlining singles have, with a three-minute pop jingle that stays in your head forever — in a good way.

Who doesn’t enjoy Lisa’s ‘majimakcheoreom’ chorus?


Wonder Girls — I Feel You

You might remember Wonder Girls for Nobody, but I Feel You should be in the books for their most underrated single.

There’s nothing to fault the amazing 1980s-inspired dance track, and it has aged well till today.

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