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#MFMF68: Associate Watch and Features Editor Asaph’s “Hit List To Kill His Hit List” Playlist

#MFMF68: Associate Watch and Features Editor Asaph’s “Hit List To Kill His Hit List” Playlist

Please bear with us for the number of times “list” came up in the header. Also, I would like to clarify that I am not a contract assassin of sorts in case you are wondering if this is the infancy of some lunacy act.

No, it is not!

The only hit lists I have are fortunately (unfortunately) mundane to-do lists of which I scribble on old envelopes or letters (insurance, government notice, banks) or the odd grocery list.

Still, there are some tasks we simply dread doing — packing your table, calling an annoying contractor or even picking frog legs for your mother — but having an item left unchecked on a to-do list is criminal.

So here’s a playlist to psyche yourself up and power on!

Kendrick Lamar — Fear

Fear cripples, destroys progress and causes regression. If fear is something holding you back, hopefully this track by Kendrick Lamar instills strength in you as the rapper opens up about the fears he felt when he was seven, 17 and 27 years old.

The title is a reminder of the emotion everyone experiences, even the greatest.

Despite it all, Lamar found a way to weaponise it to push himself to greatness.

Daft Punk — Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Down a couple of gin and tonics, put the robots’ music on and slowly get into a trance-like state for an effective method to get things done.

The process of reaching that state-of-mind might be slow, but once you’re in it, everything moves faster.

Throw on some happy tunes to get that pesky list of household chores done. Laundry and mopping would not be that boring if you had a good vibes blasting to keep you going.

Remember, each item you check off the list is a shot of dopamine released in your brain. It will be the natural stimulus to keep you going.

The next two songs will get you grooving throughout.

Pharrell Williams — Fun, Fun, Fun

Earth, Wind & Fire — Let’s Groove

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