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#MFMF67: Digital Editor Bryan Goh’s Sitcom Life Playlist

#MFMF67: Digital Editor Bryan Goh’s Sitcom Life Playlist

Hi friends! Or shall I call you by your proper term — readers AKA the people who find time to read the ramblings we type out on the daily (over 40,000 of you must really, really love us).

Have you ever thought about what the soundtrack to the sitcom of your life would be like?

Have you thought about the insane licensing fees you might have to pay?

Have you also thought about how bad it’ll be but the network keeps it running because people love feeling better about their lives?

Yes, yes, and yes — damn, I have. Here, four tunes I’d imagine playing in a sitcom of my life. Netflix really needs to slide into my DMs.

Ciara — Goodies

My first memory of this song was the first time my friend drove us in his car after he obtained his driving licence. He had one hand on the steering wheel, the windows were open and we were all wearing those odd bug-eyed sunnies that were very “in” circa 2012.

While this song was playing and we were screaming out of the windows, we got into a car accident.

Long story short, this song always makes me smile and want to break out into dance.

Or as a Zouk bouncer once said, “eh bro, you having seizure is it?”

Goldfrapp — Ooh La La

Does this not sound like the kind of song that happens during a mishap a character experiences?

For example, getting so high at a house party that said character falls down a flight of steps, gets up and then crashes onto a coffee table?

I don’t know? Stop looking at me, you don’t know my life.

Linda Ronstadt — You’re No Good

Please have a listen to a song that reminds me of the famous catch phrase my mom lets out when she comments on anything that I do or wear.

Now imagine your character who is 14 years old crying on his bed because he was hoping to go to a “popular kids” party.

Coincidentally, he might also be a little chubby with really, really severe acne.

Sorry if I accidentally triggered some of your childhood trauma.

The Strokes — Last Nite

This is perhaps how Season one of my sitcom is going to end — with this song playing over a dramatic scene of me either:
1. Falling into a trash heap in a state of intoxication and scattering trash everywhere.
2. Chasing after a robber who demanded I hand him my Gucci mules and Chanel Gabrielle bag (Carrie Bradshaw who?)
3. Falling in love (hadeehaha).

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