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The True Personalised Beauty of Leather Watch Straps

The True Personalised Beauty of Leather Watch Straps

There is no denying leather can be one of the most beautiful objects one can own — especially one that has aged gracefully over time. It could be upholstery, a bomber jacket, a pair of shoes or even a pair of watch straps.

Yes, leather can be unattractive at the start but it gets better when time works its magic.

Natural oils found within animal hides slowly rise to the surface that develops into a beautiful patina. What was once stiff becomes buttery soft and conforms to our body shape which eventually imparts superb comfort that leather is lauded for — this our friends, is the beauty of leather watch straps.

With that said, let us take a look at some watches with various leather options.

Pictured above: Cartier Pasha
The relaunch of the Cartier Pasha, one of the most recognisable styles sees a new range of straps paired with the distinctive set of lugs. Smooth alligator in shades of grey or navy are available with different case materials.

Alligator straps have a distinct sheen to it which intensifies when aged, owing to the beauty of leather watch straps of this material.

The Cartier Pasha is available in different case materials and sizes, the ones shown here are in pink and yellow gold. The crown cover is definitely the highlight of the timepiece which polarised opinions since its launch in 1985.

Today, the style is definitely recognisable alongside Cartier’s other illustrious counterparts.

Hermès Slim d’Hermès GMT

One of Hermès new pieces that were released earlier this year comes paired with a matt Abyss blue alligator strap, crafted in the Hermès renowned leather workshops. Soft yet sturdy, the reptilian straps bind the travel-centric Slim d’Hermès GMT firmly to the wrist of its owner for vacations and adventures abroad.

Crafted in rose-gold, the Slim d’Hermès GMT shows both local and home timezones with the additional silvered GMT subdial. The playful arrangement and typefaces convey the message that travel should be reserved for leisure rather than work.

Longines Spirit 

Calf leather is the choice of material for Longines’ newest Spirit collection — the particular model shown here paired with a handsome shade of tan.

The hardwearing nature of calf leather melds perfectly with the exploration-themed collection. A patina will definitely develop when the watch is exposed to the elements, bringing out the true beauty of leather watch straps of this variety.

The five-stars applied on the dial represents the highest quality of movement used within the Longines Spirit. It is a tribute to the pioneering spirit of explorers and aviators who risked their lives to take on the uncharted during the 1930s and beyond.

Legibility takes centre stage as seen from the clean dial layout and luminous-filled Arabic numerals and watch hands.

Tissot Gentleman

A pair of inky black smooth calf leather straps with contrasting stitches is the perfect pairing for Tissot’s new Gentleman collection. The white stitches add a touch of casual elegance to the watch, making it versatile for all occasions a man will find himself in. 

Though the Tissot Gentleman is inspired by a 1960s archive piece, its current rendition is extremely modern. A sunburst dial shimmers between black and grey while applied rhodium indices lend depth and a touch of elegance.

Within the timepiece sits a technically advanced Powermatic 80 calibre with a silicon spring balance that improves accuracy.