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#TheObsessions — These are Oo La Lab Dan Terry’s Favourite Things

#TheObsessions — These are Oo La Lab Dan Terry’s Favourite Things

What makes some of these local or global creatives tick? In this weekly column, Dan Terry, founder of Oo La Lab, shares his many inspirations and obsessions.

1) Urban Gardening: I had inherited a small relatively sad garden. This stay at home period has given me an opportunity to really pour a lot of heart and soul into it and discover my latent passion for gardening.

I take daily walks where I happily forage in the amazing tropical garden paradise that is Singapore.

2) Line-art Illustration: Powerful single-minded illustration, particularly black and white line art really gets me. These days I’m spending a lot of time on for Japanese inspiration.

3) SoundCloud: My music streaming go to, I absolutely love my day on SoundCloud which is one of my most used apps.

4) Velvet Eau de Parfum, Material Things Collection: This is one of our EDP fragrances from our Material Things collection, which is an exploration of the sensory texture of various fabrics.

It’s hard to pick a favourite but if I have to do it would be Velvet.

5) Coffee Shop Baristas:  Some of the friendliest people around are the guys and girls who make your morning cuppa.

They are always great for a quick chat and cheer.

6) Imagination
Life is boring without a vivid imagination or the ability to suspend belief. I am constantly inspired by the mind of a child.

7) Thai Food: Seriously, does anything bad come out of Thailand? I love the complex flavour profiles mixed with simple and honest fresh ingredients.

8) My Taylor Guitar: Not that I’m anything brilliant, however I really enjoy belting out a few melodies, the vibration and the feeling that this instrument gives off is incredible, almost addictive.

9) “Blend to the End” T-Shirt: I’m a cause-driven creative. What would change be like without a revolution? This tee is my fire-starter.

10) Sensorial Design: The sensory artefacts we surround ourselves with on a daily basis deeply influence our mood, memory and emotion.

Yes of course visual aspects, but also critical cues from lighting, texture, scent and sound when mindfully curated come together as a powerful whole.