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Bottega Veneta Singapore’s New Online Sales Service Gets Personal

Bottega Veneta Singapore’s New Online Sales Service Gets Personal

Sure, one can say that there is the sanctity of marriage is one that is important but have they heard of the one you can develop with a sales assistant? The latter are the people who reserve the latest drops for you, the ones who can read you like a book to stop you from making a regretful purchase and the ones who prevent you from going into blinding credit card debt.

Bottega Veneta’s latest long distance sales service is simple. Drop +65 9782 6596 a message, enquire about a list of products you can drop cashola on, make your payment and wait for two working days for it to be delivered.

To give you a head start, the Men’s Folio editorial team selects what they have their eyes on. (while ignoring the fact that we have bills to pay).

Editor-In-Chief Wilson Lim: The Padded Cassette

I’ve a penchant for small bags because I like to be handsfree and not have my pockets stuffed while I’m on the move. As an advocate of non-black accessories, the striking green of this one ticks all the boxes for the type of bag I would want.

Bonus point goes to Daniel Lee’s interpretation of the classic weave in a Maxi Intrecciato — people will be looking (and lusting), which is the whole reason why a big is being carried. 

Digital Editor Bryan Goh: The Chain Pouch

I already own the classic Pouch and thought “hey, that’s enough — you should be buying cat food instead” but when I fiddled around with this beauty on set, I was #sold.

The addition of the chain now allows me to go handsfree to text, flag for a bus or to slap someone Annalise Keating-style and the best part? It makes a delightful jingling sound. That’s the sound of the coins I’m willing to part with.

Associate Watch & Features Editor Asaph Low: The Backpack

Adventure calls for a trusty companion that never fails you in the face of extreme and dire situations. The ruggedness of this bag is capable of taking a bashing while looking good doing it.

It doubles up as a plush pillow too when push comes to shove.

Fashion Stylist & Writer Manfred Lu

I’ve always had a fond liking for all things 1990s bags — the simple, off the shoulder, decently sized variants that holds nothing but your phone (which is fine for me considering that’s all I usually carry out).

This nappa leather crossbody that encompasses the brand’s iconic Intrecciato weaving technique is everything that era was great for, without all the unnecessary logo mania — which is why it’s the perfect bag for me.