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Gentle Bones and Charlie Lim on Their Latest Single “Two Sides”

Gentle Bones and Charlie Lim on Their Latest Single “Two Sides”

Update: 11 May 2020

Cheesy 1990s boy bands may be long dead and a distant memory for some of us but not for Gentle Bones and Charlie Lim. “We both share a love for cheesy late 1990s/early 2000s boy bands and thought it would be fun to imagine ourselves to be in one,” says Charlie. “We put our own stamp on it.”

Joel Tan aka Gentle Bones of I Wouldn’t Know Any Better Than You fame and singer-songwriter / producer Charlie Lim has come together for a new single titled “Two Sides”. The opening lyrics Silence, these words I cannot give you / Silence, searching through the noise set the mood for the single. “I believe we’ve come up with a song that perfectly addresses our struggles of the duality we face in both our personal relationships and our strive to touch people with our music,” Joel shares. 

“There are two sides to every picture and sometimes a mutual understanding can only come about when our differences, no matter how distinct, are first acknowledged for their own unique and imperfect beauty. It all stems from love and a bit of heartbreak to arrive at an understanding that we are all one.” — Gentle Bones

Charlie echoes the same sentiments. “Personally, a lot of the lyrics came from a place of frustration with someone, but at the same time knowing that there’s always a reason why things happen the way they do and why people are the way they are.”

“So to me, a lot of the song is about living in that strange tension of trying to be empathetic and not completely giving up on a person, even though you’ve been wronged or hurt by them.”

Though both of them have differing music tastes, both Gentles Bones and Charlie Lim share a mutual respect and deep admiration for each other’s works. “I’ve been a big fan of Charlie for many years, he was one of the artistes that really inspired me to become a music artiste in the first place.” says Joel. “Working together with him on this track was not only an honour but a huge step forward for me in my musical journey.”

“It was a no-brainer when Joel reached out to me,” Charlie quips. “He has a strong sense of melody which made writing and producing this song quite effortless.”

The Gentle Bones and Charlie Lim single is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, TIDAL and Yandex.