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Vibrant Attractions At Home

Vibrant Attractions At Home

Who said Singapore was a boring place, when our night scene clearly begs to differ? Whether you’re an eager visitor to Singaporean shores or a bored local with time on his hands, you’re in for a treat — here’s spotlighting the classy nightlife activities and places to be, so time to get up and explore the colours of your home.


A Gourmet Bus Dinner Tour is one for those who love being served gourmet-standard fare with having a view — except this view is changing all the time. The bus is a classy make up that drives past iconic Singaporean attractions such as The Singapore Flyer, Merlion Park, the Esplanade and Chinatown, showing all the different sights that will give not just a feast for your belly but for your eyes as well with our local delights. One can even hop off at Gardens by the Bay for a short stroll, before boarding for dessert. 

To enjoy great food with a dynamic view, make a reservation here.


For introverts who secretly enjoy the nightlife, The Screening Room allows you to exercise your non-extroversion while staying out late with buddies to catch a show in style. The boutique cinema also provides great food to accompany the experience, such as beef sliders and scrumptious burgers.

Check their screening timings here so you don’t miss out.



The Marina Bay Sands Hotel Skypark offers the largest body of water with a spectacular view, overlooking the city lights and nightlife in a relaxing dip. The skypark also features the CÉ LA VI SkyBar, where you can soak in the atmosphere while sipping on refreshing cocktails. CÉ LA VI is strictly classy, which means you simply take the opportunity to dress up and match the vibrancy of the ambience — which is amped up by weekly events and DJs bringing the nightlife up to the skybar.

Check their Facebook Page for updates on their features for the week.


One Faber Group is taking private dining to new heights. Literally. With a delectable 4-course dinner over 90 minutes in a cable car, your meal is set against the splendour of Singapore’s vibrant cityscape to make for one unforgettable experience. The romantic night sky is also the perfect backdrop to pop the question, but be absolutely sure or it will be an awkward encounter you cannot get out of.

Make a reservation for your special dinner here.


Nineteen80 Bar & Discotheque is the new-age retro arcade bar that takes you back to the vibrant 1980s. Blowing up classic arcade game designs like Pac-Man or simply utilising old cassette tapes really makes the retro vibes stand out. Add nostalgic cocktails with a twist and a DJ laying down urban favourites, and the experience in this bar will be nothing short of a refreshingly bittersweet throwback.

Go retro-vibrant at Nineteen80 Bar & Discotheque located at 21 Tanjong Pagar Road #01-05, Singapore 088444 , open from 5.30pm to 3am daily.

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