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Chivas Blending Kit: the perfect gift for Father’s Day

Chivas Blending Kit: the perfect gift for Father’s Day

Chivas Blending Kit: the perfect gift for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is around the corner. It is a day that we owe to our dads to celebrate their legacy. If you are wracking your head for a meaningful gift idea, the Chivas Blending Kit is the perfect fit. Just as our dads have calibrated their lives around ours, the Chivas Blending Kit offers bespoke whisky experiences for connoisseurs and amateurs alike.


The lure of the Chivas Blending Kit lies in its ability to concoct a kaleidoscopic range of tastes to suit your dad’s unique palate. In the kit, you will be provided with four different single malts (citrus, smoky, creamy and fruity tasting notes), and one grain whisky (floral tasting note) that you can combine in varying proportions based on your preferences. You will also find a beaker and a pipette, which are embossed with the Chivas logo, to help you add the precise amount of each flavour to achieve that desired taste. Of course, the kit is incomplete without a vial of Chivas’ signature house blend; the world’s first luxury whisky—Chivas 12. Commended for its rich, smooth and generous taste, you may use this expertly blended Scotch to aid in the creation of your very own blend.

Originally established in 1786, Strathisla is the oldest working distillery in the Scottish Highlands.

The complex art of whisky blending was pioneered by the Chivas brothers in the 19th century in the cellar of their Aberdeen store. Displeased with the inconsistent, harsh flavours of single malts of the day; the brothers blended various whiskies together to create a whisky greater than its individual components.

This technique has been passed on through 5 generations of Master blenders, whose job exists to ensure that the Chivas House style will always remain, and that whiskies will taste the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. They have the final say over all blends – and this kit allows you that same privilege from the comfort of your own home.

Of course, it is not an easily mastered craft but fret not because Chivas has curated a guide for whisky blending so that you won’t end up with a failed chemistry experiment. Just key in your taste preferences and the site will provide a recommended proportion that you may easily follow to achieve your preferred taste. For more experienced blenders, feel free to rely on your nose or make adjustments to the recommended proportions to bring out that elusive edge in the blend. Share your signature blend with the community by tagging @chivassg and using the hashtag #MyChivasBlend.

The Chivas Blending Kit is available exclusively at and it is going for SGD50 (RTP). This Father’s day, reciprocate dad’s unique love with a unique whisky blend.

Raise a toast to the man who made you, with not just any whisky, but your own, bespoke creation.


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