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#MFMF26: Dissonance

#MFMF26: Dissonance

So, you’re listening to this new song — nice and bouncy, sounds like it’s going to be fun. You happily sing along to the catchy melody, only to realise the lyrics are about a woeful tale. Most songs have music with the lyrics to match, moody music is usually met with sad lyrics while uptempo music brings joyful lyrics. But for this week’s Men’s Folio Music Friday, we unveil a dissonance in music where music and lyrics flow in completely opposite directions with a moral to their musical story.


Cody Fry / Want Me Back

Daniel: Moving to the groove of funky fusion is what Daniel loves, regardless of his mood. Though the lyrics penned by Cody Fry is about wanting someone back who clearly doesn’t want anything to do with you, the music gives an uplifting twist — keep dancing even if life gets you down. A timely reminder for anyone that’s in a rough spot.


Céline Dion / Ashes (Steve Aoki Deadpool Demix)

Wilson: Everyone is familiar with Céline’s power vocals having the ability to shake up some emotions within anyone but trust Aoki to shake up her ballad into a Whitney Houston I-Wanna-Dance-With-Somebody-esque anthem — this is contrast, powerhouse ballad meets EDM, at its best. 


Lauv / Drugs & The Internet

Sapphire: Lauv always produces songs that Sapphire can relate to and it is no different for Drugs & The Internet. With lyrics like “I traded all my friends for drugs and the internet / Ah s***, am i winner yet?” it makes one feel superior but at the same time, he also feels the hurt and regret behind those words. With songs like these, it always serve as a reminder to always remember to love yourself first.


Marshmello / Happier ft. Bastille

Nico: A pet is not just a pet to Nico — losing a man’s best friend, companion and life long friend can be crushing. Bastille’s lyrics, “I want to see you smile but know that means I’ll have to leave” hints that sometimes happiness comes with a sacrifice. With this song, Nico hopes to bring some form of closure to any situation one may be in and be a little happier!