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Back to the Archives – Hermès Heritage Is In Motion Now!

Back to the Archives – Hermès Heritage Is In Motion Now!

There is so much more to Hermès than its Birkins and silk carrés. This May, the French maison invites its fans to travel back in time to discover more about its legacy. The “Hermès Heritage – In Motion” exhibition will be held at the brand’s Liat Towers boutique as part of its touring exhibition series that began with “Harnessing the Roots”, followed by “Rogue Hermès”. The exhibition will showcase objects that embody the desire to take off and examine when modern life started gathering pace. All of this is reflected in Hermès’s creations through the years and the evolution of the designs. Also on display are objects from Émile Hermès’s personal collection, dug from deep within the archives. Get up close and personal with the very first Hermès scarf design, the Bolide picnic bag, and other iconic pieces from 11 to 19 May.

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