Introducing:The Apple Watch Hermès


Fashion and technology join forces once again with the Apple Watch Hermès, a new collection of stainless steel Apple Watches with leather bands signature to the Hermès look. Known as the Single Tour, Double Tour and Cuff, three different strap styles stylishly retain the watch’s seamless design design while allowing customers the luxury of choice. 

While Hermès and Apple may seem worlds apart in their design approaches, Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Hermès’ executive vice president explains that the distance may not be as far-fetched. At Hermès, we strive to provide our clients with elegant, creative and functional objects for their everyday lives. What more contemporary and relevant expression of this principle could there be than this collaboration with Apple. We are strongly united by the same deeply held ideas and principles. I see it as the establishment of an alliance in excellence; like horse and carriage, a perfect team,” he reinforces.

All the straps are made with fauve Barenia leather and a mix of different textiles unique to each strap. The watch cases also feature an etching of the Hermèss signature, with three customisable dial face designs inspired by Hermès watches.