Delve deeper into the minds of these individuals who earn their keep with their hands while having fun at the same time.


Define practicality: Being able to do what you want and being mentally healthy. At the same time, irregularity is one of the best inspirations for great and beautiful art. Have you made a practical career choice? Definitely not! But the uncertainty does profound things to your soul; it unconsciously builds you up. Best takeaway of your career: Besides loving how art brings people together, it’s about having the headspace to naturally pour my soul into my works and the catharsis of merging life and art. 10 years later… I’d like to think [I will be] somewhere I never thought [I will be], choosing a lifestyle that would enable me to pursue my work without struggling to survive. Favourite methodology: “A painting is an object made over time and in a medium that subtly gives expression to the body’s realised meanings.” (Barry Gazzard, The Significance of Materials in Modern Painting, 1999) I constantly think about capturing the essence of the intangible, essence in things, fleeting thoughts, and feelings through the intuitive nature of my work. Idealistic or practical? Always Idealistic, Plato’s b***h. I’m a perpetual contradiction, and I’m compelled to go off on unnatural tangents. 

HURON LOW, Cardist, Co-founder of Virtuoso (The Virts)

Define practicality: Practicality is about reducing friction in the little things to free me up for the big things. Have you have made a practical career choice? I think so! A practical career choice is something that provides financial stability while giving the flexibility of time. I now have more energy and time for my family, friends, fitness, and church. Best takeaway of your career: That I’d never be able to do anything without my amazing team. I deeply believe that no business can grow smoothly, meaningfully, and sustainably without teamwork. 10 years later… I hope to collaborate with international Cardistry artists to further our vision while making Cardistry a viable living for them too; to use Cardistry as an inspiring medium (alongside other cultures like fashion, filmmaking, music, etc.) to create and share the things that we believe in. Favourite Cardistry move? Something I call Flicker Shot Behind the Back;  I boomerang a card behind my back, around my body, then catch it again. Idealistic or practical? A hybrid, I guess? I naturally gravitate towards idealism and have learnt the hard way that most idealistic visions only become a reality through practical phases. 



Photography Alif

Styling Sapphire Chin

Grooming and hair Zoel Tee 

Photography assistant Huzaifah 

Styling assistant Khoo Yong Hao