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#MFMF23: Get Up and Go

#MFMF23: Get Up and Go

This week was filled with erratic weather and the great outdoors, yet most of us city dwellers don’t get the opportunity to smell fresh-cut grass or feel the wind against our skin all that often. Which is why for this week’s #MFMF, we round up the songs that get us up and moving about.

Billie Eilish / Bad Guy

Sapphire: The music video of Billie Eilish in her latest hit song “Bad Guy” is an exact reenactment of Sapphire’s everyday life. With lyrics like “I do what I want when I’m wanting to/ My soul? So cynical“, it’s no wonder people often ask her if she has ADHD.


Reddy, YunB & Sway D / No Days Off (하루종일)

Jocelyn: Collaborating on this track are former contestants from Korean rap competition Show Me The Money, with the droning hook of  “하루 종일” (translated as “every hour of the day”) accompanying the clean beats. As a dance hobbyist, Jocelyn decided to include a choreography music video that perfectly encapsulates the number to inspire new fans who want to groove to this sick beat. 


Godlands / Valour feat. BOI

Wilson: If an up-tempo EDM beat does not get your legs moving, how about a war-cry anthem? Released under Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records, Godlands’ “Valour” imbues listeners with a heroic spirit through her electronic mixes that makes you want to slay the day’s challenges. Before the first chorus beats drop, BOI lets out “You better run mother****** run/ mother****** run, run, run/ rooming up valour/ where we go to/ we go to war” – a perfect line to psyche any day up.


Blackway & Black Caviar / What’s Up Danger

Wei Jian: Firmly believing that the outdoors are out to get him, Wei Jian will not leave the safety of home unless absolutely necessary. But as the demands of daily life pile up, how does he know if he is ready to head outside? This song reminds him that he won’t, and that all it takes is a leap of faith (out the front door).