Bags That Go Off-The-Wall

Bags That Go Off-The-Wall

Although menswear options have increased exponentially throughout the years, bags and the likes have not been particularly showered with love. Apart from the occasional groundbreaker, things have pretty much halted to a standstill for men looking to spiff up their outfits with something more than a boring backpack. If one shares the same woes, worry not, as some of Spring/Summer’19’s designers have taken it upon themselves to break free from this state of monotonous limbo.


It shouldn’t be that tough to spot this hidden Mickey.  In an interview with i-D, Gucci‘s Alessandro Michele expressed his love for the iconic mouse as he spent his childhood days watching the Disney cartoon character’s antics. The Italian designer spared no effort in emulating his fondness when designing the familiar-faced bag, instantly recognisable by millions of fans around the world. 

It’s 2019; a man should be carry a handbag without catching thousands of glaring stares down the streets. Thankfully, Fendi has made taking the plunge that much easier with their new Peekaboo X-Lite bag. Adapted from the original Peekaboo which first hit women’s runways in 2009, men can finally embrace the Fendi fever with this masculine version of the all-time house classic.


Disguised as a copy of yesterday’s news, Versace breaks headlines with this unassuming shopping bag. Take a closer look and surprise surprise, it’s all about the Italian Maison, as the bag schools onlookers on how to pronounce the brand name with the right inflection.


Virgil Abloh’s renewed Louis Vuitton gives the faddish bumbag a makeover at his debut collection. The oversized Utility Trio bag, in luxurious crocodile leather, sports three separate compartments to keep things nice and tidy while one saunters around the city.