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Good Times

Good Times

If you haven’t got the memo, our Dec/Jan’19 issue is all about having a whale of a time, but being intoxicated with that much euphoria and alcohol can while the hours away right under one’s flushed nose. As they say, time flies when having fun, so why not kill two birds with one watch and complete your head-turning get-up with the right timepiece, while doing away with the hassle of fumbling for your phone to check on how many hours you’ve wasted in a drunken stupor. Whether you’re a party animal vying for attention or the wallflower in the corner who turned up just to fulfil obligations, we’ve got the watch for you. 


For the Flashy: Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold 

For the guy with the flashiest outfit in the crowd, Hublot’s Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold will keep him in the spotlight. The hallmark collaboration with Ferrari sees the creation of an imposing 45mm watch that shimmers brightly in the Swiss Maison’s groundbreaking Magic Gold alloy. The hyper-resistant alloy is also the only scratch-resistant 18 carat-gold in the world, so feel free to dazzle away on the dance floor.


For the Refined: Montblanc Star Legacy Automatic Date 42mm

This one is for the self-proclaimed wine tasters who can tell you the exact date the bottle left the vineyard, what temperature the grapes were grown in, and describe its texture in obscene detail. Indeed, the Montblanc Star Legacy Automatic Date 42mm is suited for those who dabbles in the finer things in life. Its heritage-drenched design is a testament to the house’s respect for the craft, while the new sleek Roman numerals add a touch of sophistication that screams class.


For the Casual: Omega Railmaster Denim

Sometimes, you attend a party not to get totally wasted (respectable), but to let the host know that you care enough to at least show up. Casual party-goers who seek solace in a trusty pair of jeans can match with this familiar-feeling timepiece. The Omega Railmaster Denim pays homage to the robust cloth worn by hard-working labourers, with a genuine blue denim NATO strap that ensures the watch is worn comfortably – just like a pair of aged denim trousers.


For the Thrill Seeker: TAG Heuer Carrera Carbon

Parties are often a rollercoaster ride of thrills. If you find yourself succumbing to ridiculous antics because the adrenaline junkie within just cannot be contained, then let the TAG Heuer Carrera Carbon be your partner in crime. Designed with speed demons in mind, the Calibre Heuer 02 movement caged behind a transparent sapphire caseback is highly accurate and reliable, perfect for timing that shotgunned beer to the precise millisecond. The watch comes in three colourways, but we prefer the timepiece in rose gold, because the hint of red and gold hands are evocative of reckless thrill seeking.