A Smashing Good Time at The Fragment Room

A Smashing Good Time at The Fragment Room


Feeling stressed out from all the expectations and deadline at work? Can’t find information on that one article due next week and just want to punch somebody in the face? Our new editorial assistant knows that feeling really well.

What our resident writer Marcus does when he’s burnt out is to go on a month long sabbatical somewhere European. Unfortunately we understand not everybody has the luxury to break off (Marcus too, now that he has a job), punching somebody in the face will cause lawful problems, and pouring your heart out to a person who silently judges you can get uncomfortable quickly.

Enter The Fragment Room, a place for you to lock yourself in a safe space where you literally and metaphorically bash down walls. Line up 10 bottles in a straight row and play smash golf with a bat. Stick your boss’ face on a dummy and punch away. Let out a cathartic scream that turns into a cry as both you and the TV you’re destroying breaks down. Nobody’s going to judge you when you leave the place feeling reborn.

The Fragment Room can be enjoyed as a couple or even a group, working out any underlying problems that have been simmering for far too long. The staff in the establishment are nice people with great EQ, and will always lend a concerned ear or take the role of a consoling friend if needed, without overstepping boundaries.

Book a short session with The Fragment Room for a smashing good time.