4 Deep-Cleansing Masks for a Fresh Face Forward


If you’re a whisky aficionado, or you’re just keen to brush up on your booze appreciation skills, this year’s Whisky Live event is back again in town. At Southeast Asia’s largest whisky event, you’ll be exposed to the veritable A to Zs of whisky, and perhaps even find a few drinks to suit your fancy, and make a home in your personal bar. 

Here are four highlights we’ve picked out to get you started.

1. In With The New You probably know the big whisky names from familiar distilleries – think Glenfiddich, Aberlour and the like. But appreciating whisky doesn’t just have to be limited to the larger houses. At Whisky Live, you’ll have a massive range of tipples to choose from, even the more boutique or newer labels like Ireland’s Teeling whisky, one of the newest distilleries in Dublin in the past 125 years. 

2. Collector Room Be one of the lucky 150 guests to the exclusive Collector Room, where over 40 rare spirits and whiskies will be on display for your appreciation. Attain access by purchasing the Night Package ticket, with two express passes to the Collector Room atop entrance to the VIP relaxing room and an overnight stay at Capella Singapore across the two days of Whisky Live.

3. Bar Hopping in One Place The pop-up bar within Whisky Live grounds will be hosting some of Singapore’s most renowned booze haunts, like 28 Hong Kong Street, The Library and Tippling Club to mix up drinks for your pleasure. Also, restaurants like Burnt Ends, Meat Smith, FOC and more will be on the grounds to serve up food to fill your stomach as you drink (and also to prevent getting tipsy too early!)

4. Rum Master Class Keen to learn about rum? Legendary rum master Luca Gargano will be on the grounds to educate you. With over 40 years of experience on sugarcane spirits, he’s definitely the man to set your knowledge straight. Gargano will present the latest line of Velier premium rums – Velier being a major company that owns many leading rum brands like Clairin, Enmore and Uitvlugt.

Get your tickets here. Whisky Live will be held at Capella Hotel on the 28th and 29th of November.