Two Tanning Solutions for the Perfect Shade of Golden Skin


Put aside the lotion and copious hours sizzling under the sun, and turn instead to a sun bed or spray tan booth to achieve the desired tan without the pain, hassle, and possibilities of orange or charred skin. While the glowing luster radiated by billboard models seems elusive, these alternative tanning solutions might hold the key to unlocking the desired sun-kissed allure. 

These treatments also stave off the unwanted possibility of getting an uneven tan with tanning beds’ enhanced coverage given with its 360 exposure to UV rays, and the flexibility of targeting specific zones for spray tans.

Solution 1 – Indoor tanning A typical experience at a tanning salon consists of stripping down to bare essentials before proceeding to either a tanning bed or booth. Using UV light to simulate sunrays emitted in all directions, the coveted bronze finish can be achieved in 20 minutes, sans the undesirable effects of laying for hours out in the open.Benefits: Preferred by most for its natural-looking finish, the tan also lasts longer, for up to a month. Unsightly tan lines or unevenness will never be an issue, thanks to the all-round coverage.Drawbacks: Frequent sessions may bring about skin-related diseases, such as melanoma.

Solution 2 – Spray tanning For those keen on the sun-dwelled façade without the long-term implications of recurring exposure to UV rays, spray tans are a viable alternative. The spray-on procedure allows for greater control over the result of the tan, not only because the shade is decided beforehand, but also by making hard-to-reach areas accessible as well, ensuring a more consistent glow. With this, the ex-outdoor-exclusive look takes under 15 minutes.Benefits: Results are immediate and does not entail any long-term implications. Compared to sunbed tanning, spray tans also take less lesser time to achieve the desired shade.Drawbacks: Spray tans don’t last as long as compared to tanning in a solarium.

Tips to prolong your bronzed-up perfection: 1) Moisturizing regularly is key to making a spray-on tan last longer. 2) Use the specialised tanning products sold in tanning parlors such as Fabulous Aesthetics to bring out the best of your tan each time you step into the solarium. 3) Do not stay inside the tanning booth longer than the recommended intervals, unless you are intending to masquerade as an Oompa-Loompa with your burnt skin. 4) As off-putting as it sounds, colder showers will dehydrate your skin far less than a hot one.  5) Exfoliate regularly to remove the layer of dull and dead skin cells to resurface that desired glow. asting up to a month. Tan lines will never be an issue Unlie


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