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It’s a Highbrow Affair

It’s a Highbrow Affair

So you’ve either been teased about your unibrow, tortured by your significant other with at-home grooming, or wondered why the heck people cared so much about this seemingly useless tuft of facial hair. Well, we’re here to tell you that no, eyebrows are not useless, and yes, eyebrow grooming is important. Apart from fulfilling its biological purpose of preventing perspiration and debris from dribbling into your eyes, eyebrows are necessary in conveying expressions (perhaps more than you realise). Its been said that if eyes really are the window to your soul, then brows are its curtains. Here are some of our suggestions to get started on your brow journey.

We Need A Hero

Be wary about wax

Most eyebrow grooming guides for men will tell you to steer clear of waxing your brows, demonising the method as ‘artificial’ or ‘overly-dramatic’. But who’s to say what the ideal brow is for men? If the striking sculpted look is your thing then you do you, boo. We Need A Hero is one of the few multi-grooming establishments catering to men, and you can be assured that you’ll be in good hands. 

Threading carefully

The ancient hair removal technique innocently known as threading might look like a torture method to some. But the human mind only fears what it does not understand. Unlike plucking, threading can remove the finest of hairs down to the follicle, making it perfect for shaping and grooming. Have the specialist thread the peach fuzz on the back of your hand or arm first if you’re concerned about the pain level. Trust us, it’s really not that bad. 

Tweezerman Stainless Mini Slant Tweezer

Tweezerman Stainless Mini Slant Tweezer. Image:

Tweeze and trim

If you are blessed with full brows with only a few scraggly stray ones to tame, the best investment here would be a good ol’ pair of tweezers. Opt for a slant-end one which will be most ergonomic for tweezing fine hairs and along facial contours.



MAC Cosmetics Brow Set.

MAC Cosmetics Brow Set. Image:

A tint for tat

To all the face-down sleepers or curly-haired gentlemen, freshly groomed brows can still go a little astray. Combing through with a tinted or clear brow gel can tame your soldiers effortlessly.


For the less endowed

Perhaps the aforementioned brow grooming tactics don’t seem to suit you because, well, you don’t have much brow hair to begin with. No need to get self-conscious, we like to believe there’s a solution to every problem. First step would be to dissociate semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery with the green caterpillar-esque ones donned by elderly aunties. And the next would be to book an appointment. Brow embroidery specialists like Browhaus have made the process easy and almost pain-free. 


Words by Valerie Wong