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#SpeedyTuesday Goes Ultra

#SpeedyTuesday Goes Ultra

Last evening, Omega’s newest #SpeedyTuesday timepiece sold out in just under two hours. This is the second time the Swiss watchmaker has offered online sales of an exclusive model on its Instagram account, proving that the guerrilla tactic is a hit with collectors and fans worldwide.

The Omega Speedmaster Limited Edition 42mm “Ultraman” is a tribute to the titular character in the 1970s Japanese sci-fi series. In “Return of Ultraman”, the production team chose a Speedmaster “Moonwatch” for its monster-fighting kit thanks to its exceptionally bright orange central seconds hand. This historical hand arrives in the future today on the Speedmaster “Ultraman”, with a black stripe to match the suits of the show’s heroic Monster Attack Team. The first three minutes on the chronograph counter is also highlighted orange as a reminder of the duration Ultraman can remain in superhero-mode, while the other sub-dial holds a silhouette of Ultraman’s face.



Limited to 2,012 pieces (all snatched up), the Speedmaster “Ultraman” is a true collectible presented in its own hexagonal box: a tribute to the futuristic table used by the Monster Attack Team.