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Whole New World: Les Parfums Louis Vuitton for Men


Armed with the emblematic trunk, Louis Vuitton has always been guided by the desire to escape, wander and explore new territory. The French house embarks on an unprecedented exploration into the sensory world of fragrances for men.

Having devoted his first creations to women, the master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud now takes on a new masculine sensitivity with the Les Parfums Louis Vuitton collection dedicated to the journeymen, delving into their instincts for freedom and exploration. The collection comprises 5 exceptional fragrances that pay homage to the adventurer on a quest for self-revelation.

L’Immensité is a fresh fragrance with hints of grapefruit, ginger, labdanum and an overdose of ambroxan, an addictive and sensual amber note. Nouveau Monde mixes the leathery scent of oud, cocoa and incense with spicy notes of saffron, which results in a whirlwind of essences. Orage is a musky and woody scent of bergamot and patchouli, perfect for the gentleman who likes to take things slow.

Sur la Route pays tribute to one of the most beautiful balsamic notes in perfumery: Peruvian balsam. This ingredient reveals to be marvellously addictive, embraced by the freshness of citrus and spicy notes of pink peppercorn and nutmeg. For charismatic men, consider Au Hasard, which contains creamy sandalwood, spicy cardamom note and fruity ambrette musk.

OMBRE NOMADEBesides the men, the collection introduces a unisex perfume for fragrance connoisseurs, Ombre Nomade. Featuring the monumental oud assam that harbours strong leathery, spicy and woody accents, Belletrud underscores the scene with a tinge of rose and rosat geranium. The scent is intense and one for the connoisseurs.  

As the world continues to search for the finest fragrances using raw and exquisite ingredients, Les Parfums Louis Vuitton defies expectations and produces a collection for the ages.

The Louis Vuitton Men fragrance collection lands in-store globally on May 31.