First Look At Johnny Depp For Dior Fragrances


Here’s something to look forward to this year. For the first time in 12 years, American designer, Ralph Lauren is set to bring his menswear collection back to the runways. Lauren has been defining modern luxury with romantic elegance and timeless style for women and men since 1967. The new collection will be showcased first at the upcoming Milan Fashion Week and then at New York Fashion Week in July. 

So, what can we expect? Judging from his past collections, we’ve gathered that the American god-father of menswear’s designs range from preppy and well-tailored suits and eveningwears for the gentlemen to cargo pants and even workout attires to suit the modern men who also lead an active lifestyle. The Milan show – slated to take place at the Ralph Lauren Palazzo – will see Ralph Lauren’s upscale Purple Label collection, while New York will get to see Polo Ralph Lauren at its first fashion week dedicated to men’s fashion. 

With designers such as Ralph Lauren placing greater emphasis on the menswear segment, it is apparent that men’s fashion is finally having its moment in the limelight. And deservedly so, if we might add.