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The Great Experiment: Gucci Officially Launches ArtLab


Looks like Gucci is at it again. Last we heard, Gucci collaborated with Spanish-born artist Ignasi Monreal on #GucciHallucination via its App. In an effort to preserve its upward momentum, the Kering-owned megabrand is spotlighting its latest innovative effort, Gucci ArtLab over at its home ground in Florence, Italy.

Dubbed as the brand’s futuristic platform for industrial craftsmanship and an experimentation laboratory for leather goods and shoe products, the ArtLab is an impressive 37,000 square feet hub that houses more than 800 employees, breathing life to the revolutionary aesthetic of Alessandro Michele. Expect the facility to be wrapped in large-scale paintings and elaborate murals by Gucci’s most-loved collaborators, including illustrators and artists Ignasi Monreal, Angelica Hicks and Unskilled Worker. Beyond notable works, the rooms inside the ArtLab come furnished with Gucci Décor objects. Lodged just a stone’s throw away from the fashion house’s historic headquarters in Casellina, the colossal building is also a buzz-filled centre for product development and space for designs, testing materials and hardware.

“It is a testament to our belief in creativity, artisanal craftsmanship, innovation and technology, and sustainability, and our bond with our territory.” – Marco Bizzarri, President and CEO of Gucci

Perhaps, the new coup moving towards the savvy direction of an all-encompassing, artisan-centric corporate culture would pillar in new visionaries, better R&D practices, and cohesiveness in the luxury market. It’s no wonder ArtLab was the natural next step in the fashion major’s creative evolution. Always leaving us ‘shook’ for more since demands have nearly doubled in the past 3 years, we’ll have to wait and see what will spew out of the fantastical artform that is Gucci.