Men’s Folio gets Nostalgic with the Retro Issue this March

Men’s Folio gets Nostalgic with the Retro Issue this March
Welcome to the brand new Men’s Folio, isn’t it ironic that we did a revamp of Men’s Folio with a retro-themed issue? If you think about it, a magazine is technically a “retro” medium.
Before social media, magazines were a rich source of knowledge and entertainment. That is the ethos that we at Men’s Folio want to work with – entertaining you. But that has become increasingly difficult with the proliferation of new media. Information is so readily available online, so the role of a magazine as a source of information needs to evolve. We have to bring you breaking news about fashion, watches, and lifestyle. Therefore, in the print version, we endeavour to pack all these information and exclusive content into palatable in-depth reads with a unique Men’s Folio voice. 
The biggest change in our revamp is our logo; we have reverted to one that bears our full name, loud and proud: Men’s Folio. We feel that for a storied brand like ours (21 years!), we should not abbreviate our name and drown in the sea of vague acronyms. Men’s Folio is a guide to the best in men’s fashion, watches, and lifestyle, and we are not ones to shy away from our mission. Living in Singapore, we are so used to seeing historic buildings get a new lease of life that we tend to forget those who have trodden across the creaky wooden floorboards because we cannot even tell if it is that old. Consider the Men’s Folio logo our version of the proverbial parquet.
That said, we are not entirely harking back to the golden era of magazine publishing. We are not bringing back the “letters of the month”, but we brought back the eye candies in our Features section where distinguished readers share their inspiring stories. 
Nonetheless, we have kept the “wooden floors” and some of the “windows” of this architecture we call Men’s Folio, but we have also evolved with the times. We sincerely hope you take the time to savour what you have in your hands just like old times.