Uniqlo’s KAWS x PEANUTS collection is back in black

Uniqlo’s KAWS x PEANUTS collection is back in black

Snoopy fans will soon be giving their wardrobes a major update. Teaming up once again with the internationally-renowned contemporary artist KAWS, Uniqlo has announced a new Peanuts collection for its UT (Uniqlo T-shirts) range. The KAWS x Peanuts collection is the second of its kind, succeeding the first collection that had made its sensational debut worldwide in April this year with its unique graphic settings.

Inspired by New York City, the new KAWS x PEANUTS collection features Snoopy designs by the Brooklyn-based artist, KAWS. The beloved pet beagle is stitched in KAWS’ whimsical artistic style onto T-shirts that are immensely comfortable and of high quality, as with the rest of Uniqlo’s UT line. Besides tees, the collection is also comprised of hooded sweatshirts and sweat pullovers.

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The real star of the collection, however, is the Snoopy plush toy. The toy features KAWS’s signature cross-out eyes, made with fabric specially chosen by the artist himself. Instead of its trademark white fur, the iconic comic character plush comes entirely in black, making the plush a one-of-kind collector’s item.

The KAWS x PEANUTS collection will be available in all Uniqlo stores and online on Uniqlo’s website from Friday, 24 November.