Jaguar Celebrates Another Successful Mille Miglia


Never mind the sexy magnificence of Jaguar’s latest beast: give us Damian Lewis, Jordi Molla and Shannyn Sossamon in an epic Ridley Scott Associates-produced mini-movie—with music from Mulberry minstrel Lana Del Rey to boot—and consider us sold on the F-Type. 

Here’s the first in a series of teaser clips previewing Jaguar’s hotly hyped new feature film, aptly dubbed “Desire”. What we know thus far is that award-winning British thespian Damian Lewis has signed on to play the lead in a contemporary Western short, set in the sultry wilderness of an arid Chile desert. 

Helmed by director Adam Smith, expect to see lots of slow-mo dust swirling around the wheels of Jaguar’s F-Type, with the melancholic warbling of Del Rey wafting in and out of the background. More to come.