Vespa and Giorgio Armani Collaborate To Launch New Vespa 946 Emporio Armani


The Vespa has long established itself as a quintessentially Italian mode of transportation, sealing the scooter’s exterior as one of pop culture’s most identifiable vehicles. To commemorate the 130th birthday of the Plaggio Group, Vespa’s manufacturer, and the 40th anniversary of the Giorgio Armani foundation, Emporio Armani has recreated a special version of the most iconic Vespa, the Vespa 946.

In sync with Emporio Armani’s traditional colour palette of subdued tones, the Vespa’s body is painted with a particular mixture of greys and greens that are only visible under certain lighting conditions. The scooter metal parts are galvanized to produce a satin finish, creating a matte effect that carries throughout the Vespa’s outlook.

The image overhaul extends to even the minute technological details. The EA 946 has aluminum cylinder blocks complemented by brown leather finishes, as well as luxury accessories and electronic controls as an accompaniment the four-stroke injection engine.

In celebration of the EA 946 launch, a capsule collection of Emporio Armani pieces have been released to complement the new Vespa. Designed to mirror the Vespa’s colour, the capsule collection features track suits, stretch cotton T-shirts and riding accessories for maximum stylistic impact when atop the EA 946.

The capsule collection is now available on, while the EA 946 Vespa is on sale through the world’s most important cities, in limited quantities.