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Nothing kicks off the day quite like a close shave and a nice cup of coffee. Here are five useful tips to get that quality barbershop shave.

Take A Shower Dry hair can be as tough as copper wire. If you attempt to shave it without any kind of preparation, you’ll end up with skin irritaiton and scrapes. A hot shower helps open your pores and soften bristles. Those with coarse beards can try using a gentle exfoliant or pre-shaving oil to help lift hairs for a smoother shave. 

Get A Brush While the popularity of the badger brush has waned considerably over the years, it is by far one of the best ways to help with achieving a spotless finish. With a small amount of shaving cream, a brush not only creates a rich, creamy lather, it also helps lift hairs and prep your skin for shaving. 

Warm It Up Remember to soak your brush in hot water. Let it drip a little before swirling it on top of the shave cream or soap for the lather to form. Apply the lather from side to side with the tip of the brush. Start at a 45-degree angle and follow the grain. Avoid crisscrossing and repeated and disjointed strokes as they cause irritation.

Keep It Moist Our skin is full of tiny eidges that become more pronounced with dry skin. It is important to hydrate your skin throughout the day to ease irritation and razor glide. 

Take Breaks It is good to take at least a day off a week from shaving to give your skin a rest. You’ll find that your subsequent shave will be much smoother as a result.