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As glitzy five-star hotels dominate Singapore’s cityscape, see how boutique hotels achieve the balancing act of weaving historical façades with completely refreshed, if not impressively swanky interiors to stand out from the crowd.

New Majestic Hotel

New Majestic Hotel

New Majestic Hotel is a traditional conservation shophouse that boasts a blend of heritage chic and modern design. Upon entering, hotel guests are greeted by an open concept period-inspired lobby with an accompanying display of merchandise consisting of local and international books, magazines and souvenirs.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of this hotel is the uniqueness of its rooms, which means you will never find a room with the similar concept to another. Decked with a mix of vintage and designer furniture, as well as artworks designed by various Singaporean artists, each room is an intriguing mix of old and new.

New Majestic Hotel

There are five design concept rooms personalised by top creative individuals from different disciplines – fashion designer Wykidd Song, graphic designer Theseus Chan, film & theatre director Glen Goei, furniture designer Patrick Chia, and fashion show producer Daniel Boey. With each concept vastly different from the other, be intrigued by Daniel Boey’s ‘The Pussy Parlour’ room, which features fuchsia and turquoise accents, French chandeliers, neon lights and mirrors, complete with a striking brass bed; or opt for a subtler concept at Patrick Chia’s ‘Untitled’ room, which is stylish and understated, and at the same time effortlessly exudes the beauty of modern classic European design.

New Majestic Hotel

Hotel’s identity: International design with local inspiration

Number of rooms: 30

Toiletries: Kiehl’s

Facilities: Swimming pool and gymnasium


31-37 Bukit Pasoh Road, Tel: 6511 4700


New Majestic HotelNew Majestic Hotel