Ralph Lauren Launches Wearable Tech and Workout App


Ralph Lauren has joined the wearable tech market with their latest PoloTech smartshirt, combining fashion and fitness into one seamless product. Sensory receivers and silver fibres are woven into the fabric of the lightweight shirt to track your heart rate and variability, breathing and recovery levels, movement intensity, energy output, stress levels, steps taken and calories burned. The readings from the shirt are then sent to the compatible application through either an iPhone, iWatch or iPad. 

Developed in partnership with proprietary technology from Candian company, OMSignal, the PoloTech shirt marks a new generation for activewear, as said by Stéphane Marceau, CEO of OMSignal. “Going beyond the digital-only experience of today’s fitness platforms, it is the first product to bring advanced apparel technology and digital fitness technology together, into one smart, connected apparel product,” he said.

PoloTech will be made available on Ralph Lauren’s online store, and at various flagship stores around the U.S.