Ralph Lauren Steps Down as CEO of His Empire


Ralph Lauren’s quintessentially American aesthetic has made the retail and lifestyle brand a key empire that still shapes American culture til today. The design magnate, Lauren himself, has announced that he has stepped down as the empire’s CEO, and will be bequeathing his role to Stefan Larsson, current president of Old Navy.

As an initiative to regain the brand’s falling share price admist a strong dollar, this shake-up is a drastic change for Ralph Lauren, though the now former CEO states that he isn’t completely relinquishing his responsibilities from the brand to Larsson. 

Stating that his working relationship with Larsson will be more of a partnership, Lauren will still be maintaining his place in the team as the Executive Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, where he’ll remain very much in control of the creative forces behind his namesake empire.

Larsson will be handed over the role officially in November, and while the implications of this transition are still unknown, fans of Ralph Lauren can be assured that he’ll only quit when “they start designing things I can’t understand”, and that he has no intention of stepping back in the company.