Moncler Celebrates the Rolling Stones' 50th Anniversary


Few bands have made such a concrete imprint on rock n’ roll and pop culture like the Rolling Stones. It isn’t just the fact that the band were at the forefront of the British rock music invasion into the U.S., but the fact that every facet of the band’s image and identity have become synonymous with what we recall the genesis of outlandish rock music to be. This year, the band celebrates 50 years since they burst into the scene, guitars ablazing.

French outerwear label, Moncler, pays homage to the legendary band and their influence with a capsule collection of four jackets made in the quintessential rock n’ roll material – leather. These jackets take the style of one classic brand and embroils it within another – the iconic red lips and tongue logo lines each jacket in the Rolling Stones & Moncler collection, while the jackets are the lightweight puffers that Moncler is so known for. Known as the Longue Saison Cuir, these jackets are made int he finest, smoothest nappa leather. Though the 0.3mm thickness of these jackets may seem dauntingly thin, they are filled with down to ensure warmth wihout bogging your arms down.