Berluti Delves Into Ink For Their Chinese New Year Collection


This fall, Berluti’s Alessandro Sarotri made a clean break from the house’s past with a modern collection that embodied a young spirit. Taking a complete turn from the tailored suites that dominated the Berluti runways in the past seasons, Sartori surprised the crowd with chest baring v-neck sweaters, trousers ribbed at the cuff and unlined blazers. The Italian designer’s intent to step away from any connotation of preciousness was evident from his paring of understated pieces with statement outwear. 

Clearly, Sartori was all about breaking the rules as he even added a few noticeably older men to the show’s lineup. We can’t wait to see what else he has up his sleeves for upcoming collections. His new vision for luxury mesnwear has certainly left us craving for more.