Bulgari unlocks the future with its Diagono Magnesium concept watch


With smartwatches receiving much fanfare over the last few years, it’s only natural for the luxury industry to conceive their own breed of intelligent watches. In this case, Bulgari incorporates the essence of smartwatches we’ve come to know, while maintaining stellar watchmaking standards that garnered its timepieces international repute. The Diagono Magnesium Concept Watch is the result of that, in partnership with WISeKey, a leading Swiss company in digital security and data storage.

The self-winding timepiece abolishes everything we’ve come to know about fine watches. Typically worn as a statement, the Diagono Magnesium pushes the envelope further by utilizing NFC (Near Field Communication) technology through a cryptographic chip and invisible antenna embedded within the watch itself. This enables the watch to transmit a digital certificate to the Bvlgari Vault application installed on the user’s smartphone, with the chip being activated within close proximity. Unlike Bluetooth and Wifi, the charms of NFC cannot be fully reaped unless the two devices are close together, rendering a more secure infrastructure for data transmission.

The applications of this technology are almost as limitless as the progress of technology. With the aid of the watch, users can embrace a future of storing private codes, making payments, opening car doors, data transfer – the list goes on. In an increasingly connected world, the watch can tap into functionalities of virtually anything that is digitally enabled.

For the hard-to-impress, there’s more. Data transmitted and saved by the watch is done over the most secured environment imaginable. Information stored are encrypted on a cloud server ensconced deep in a Swiss military bunker in a remote section of the Swiss Alps, preserving the integrity of the information stored. In the event of loss or theft of your telephone, the parameters of the Bvlgari Vault application will prompt the destruction of the data, making it inaccessible to a third party. It can subsequently be restored by using the encrypted backup activated via the Diagono Magnesium.

While the construction of the watch is relatively standard – a 41mm diameter steel case with case middle in magnesium and PEEK polymer – the intelligent features engendered by the utilization of exciting new technologies deservedly put this watch in a league of its own.