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LV Objets Nomade: A collection of travel-inspired objects


In the spirit of travel, Louis Vuitton will unveil a series of exhibits under the occasion of the Salone del Mobile. The showcase entitled “Objets Nomades” is a collection of travel-inspired objects by nine established and emerging designers that recaptures the Louis Vuitton Art of Travel and celebrates the harmony between savoir-faire and design.

Housed in the history-rich Palazzo Bocconi, this assembly features 16 travel-inspired pieces, each crafted in noble materials and produced as unique objects, limited editions or experimental prototypes. From a hammock to living room furniture in precious Nomade leather; a foldable bed to a Maracatu hanging travel cabinet, “Objets Nomades” draws its creative inspiration from Louis Vuitton’s Special Orders department, a design laboratory that has led to such iconic inventions as the Bed-Trunk, the Library Trunk and the Wardrobe Trunk. For an insight to all the ingenuity behind the monumental pieces, “Objets Nomades” designers will voice their ideas about the Art of Travel, Savoir-Faire and Design at the event itself. For three days from April 15th to April 17th, they will be onsite to share their creative journeys, present their designs and elaborate on the creative processes that led to the culmination of their efforts.