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Jacob’s Creek Launches WAH – New Innovative Wine Blend to Complement Japanese Cuisine


Jacob’s Creek expands into a more oriental territory with the release two new wines, WAH white and red. Designed chiefly to pair signature Japanese cuisines, its namesake is derived from the first syllable of the word “wine” in Japanese. 

Made to complement different types of Japanese dishes, both versions were conceived in conjunction with two award-winning chefs, Mamoru Sugiyama-san and Toru Hashimoto-san. Owners of Michelin-starred restaurants in Japan, these wines are primed to charm the palates of oenophiles and epicureans alike. 

WAH white is a cacophony of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc, delivering a swirl of fruit aromas like melded flavours of pear, peach and citrus. White’s aromatic components also lighten the palate so the wine doesn’t overwhelm delicate sushi and also contributes to additional layers of taste, ideal for enjoying with sushi and sashimi. 

Not ignoring the decadence of Japanese meat, WAH red is a blend of vibrant fruit, savoury aromas and soft tannins that perfectly balances the subtle flavours and succulent texture found predominantly in red meat. With Jacob Creek’s latest offerings, your Japanese dining experience will never be the same again. Treat yourself to these pair of bottled delights only at selected Japanese restaurants.

The pair of wines are available at selected Japanese restaurants such as Goku, Otowa, Sushi Kou, E-pachi and Tatsu sushi.