Prada borrows star power for menswear campaign. Featuring four of Hollywood’s finest stars



For the Spring/Summer ’15 menswear campaign, Prada has enlisted the help of photographer Craig Mcdean for the luxury house’s most recent campaign featuring Ansel Elgort, Ethan Hawke, Jack O’Connel and Miles Teller, showing us that the new line is suitable for men of all ages. 

Apart from its pensive air, the film oozes with class and simplicity, and was shot between New York and London. The stars in the video were decked mostly in neutral colours, with a splash of blue appearing occasionally. The men were shown wearing a range of clothing from the line, from shirts and sweaters to suits and trench coats. Suits sported larger lapels and contrasting stitching, paying tribute to the 70s.

Watch the ‘Behind The Scenes’ video here: