Louis Vuitton “Movers” V LINE leather goods.



Louis Vuitton might have just about delivered their most luxurious yet urban friendly range of bags ever. Aptly named Movers, they are made with V LINE leather that repels water and adapts to conditions far beyond daily routine.

With the help of pro-skaterboarder/talented fashion designer, Alex Olson from Los Angeles and audiovisual extraordinaire Ryoichi Kurokawa based in Tokyo, Louis Vuitton have come up with two short films that show how the bags seamlessly fit into different creative fields and countries.

From an intense audiovisual light show in Tokyo to following the highly active life of a skaterboarder, the films further emphasize the importance Louis Vuitton’s Movers has placed on unrestricted movement and freedom.

Armed with flexible, adaptable shapes with exterior zip pockets, interior compartments and removable straps, the lightweight collection truly embraces life in motion.

Watch Ryoichi Kurokawa’s short film here:

Watch Alex Olson’s short film here: