Berluti Celebrates 120 Years With The “Alessio”

Berluti Celebrates 120 Years With The “Alessio”

Berluti’s iconic Alessandro shoe, which has garnered legions of fans since its original release in 1895, has been reinvented once again, this time to coincide with the Parisian house’s 120th anniversary.

Like its predecessor, the Alessio has a very distinctive construction. For starters, the upper part of the shoe is cut from a single piece of Venezian leather. No panels, no inserts, no seams (not counting the necessary ones, of course). The result is a shoe of clean lines, classic proportions and impeccable quality. Berluti’s latest offering is modern, but it still captures that old world, dandy-man charm.


The Alessandro – named after the brand’s founder, Alessandro Berluti – is no stranger to reinvention, having been continuously revisited over the years to stay current. Initially sporting a more rounded and robust design during the post-war period, the shoe took on a more slender, edgy and pointed form in the early 1990s. 

While there are marked differences in silhouette, the real difference between the Alessio and Alessandra is the underfoot. The traditional leather sole has been replaced by a more supple structure, made from layers of leather, rubber and Micro, an extremely flexible high-tech material used in sporting equipment. The Alessio is hence a lot more practical than it used to be, with the sole also giving it a touch of the casual and the quirky.

The Alessio is available in Tobacco, Rothko Blue and Vermillion, allowing the shoes to be conspicuous by their discretion.