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The Best Drinks For Your Party


The Best Drinks For Your Party

Photography Ching Styling Tok Wei Lun


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It’s not every year that vineyards can produce exceptional vintage champagnes like the Cuvee R.Lalou 1999. In the creation of this prestigious wine, grapes were selected from twelve legendary Grand Cru locations in the heart of G.H.MUMM’s vineyards. On the palate, it is lively, sharp and expands in the mouth to suggest honey and yellow fruit, enhanced with hints of dried fruit, quince jelly and candied peel. It has a beautifully sustained finish with a hint of citrus zest. This also makes it the perfect complement to gourmet fish dishes or autumn-flavoured sweet and savoury meat dishes.

DO YOU KNOW that popping your champagne may lead to a loss of appropriate carbonation in the wine? Twist the bottle, not the cork, and youll hear an exquisite pschittinstead of a loud pop. Now, resist that urge to open your champagne with the loudest pop you can get out of it.

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Vodka is a sadly misrepresented drink when it comes to mixing holiday cocktails, which usually comprises of just adding juice or soda. We recommend you not waste the Absolute Elyx with the typical lazy mixes, but try out a more elaborate and refreshing tipple instead. Mark Tay, brand ambassador for Absolut, feels that if you’re looking to host a great party at home with friends, A Sweeter Shade of Winter cocktail would be the perfect drink of choice.

IN THE MIX: 30ml Absolut Elyx, 30ml Frangelico, 20ml Cane Gomme, 20ml Fresh Lime Juice, 20ml Egg White, 2nos Strawberry, Pinch of Cinnamon Powder, Pinch of Caster Sugar. Mix caster sugar and cinnamon powder on a plate and rim half a cocktail glass. Muddle strawberries and add the rest of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Shake well till chilled and strain into the rimmed cocktail glass. 

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There’s better use for that bottle of Hendrick’s Gin you’ve been saving for special occasions. Impress your guest with the Indelible Flip cocktail concocted by Hendrick’s Gin brand ambassador, Zachary Connor de Git. Essentially a new spin on the classic Christmas eggnog drink, it is comparatively more refreshing, but still has that same Christmas spice in its flavour profile. The egg gives the drink a beautiful viscosity like its original counterpart, while the lemon brightens it up. The rose and cucumber notes of the Hendrick’s Gin add a delicate flavour that contrasts well with the apple, cinnamon and clove notes of the Becherovka.

IN THE MIX: 40ml Hendricks Gin, 20ml Becherovka, 5ml Lemon Juice, 15ml Cream, 1 Whole Egg, 1 Dash of Angostura Bitters. Shake well without ice and then again with ice really hard. Double strain and garnish with an apple fan studded with cloves.

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If you’re looking for elegance and delicacy, G.H.MUMM’s N°1 range distinguishes itself with three different cuvees showcasing the power of Pinot Noir, which contrasts against the fruitiness of Meunier and the freshness of Chardonnay to create a sweet wine suitable for night-long celebrations. According to Blandine Cochard, the brand ambassador of G.H.MUMM, the best hangover remedy is to only drink good champagnes as it won’t get you dizzy. With that said, “Waiter! Can I have your best champagne, please?”

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If it’s a complex yet delicate drink you’re after, reach for the triple distilled Auchentoshan 18 Years Old. This superb whisky has a nose of slight vanilla cream, hints of almond, green tea, and is incredibly smooth on the palate with a brilliantly long finish – a sign of quality casks used in its maturation. Gordon Dundas, global brand ambassador of Morrison Bowmore Distillers, recommends drinking it neat or on the rocks to get the full taste of the drink. Point to note: Always remember to drink whisky for the taste, and never the age.