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Pure Fitness Special


Break out of your fitness plateau and challenge your physical limits with these adrenalin-pumping classes. 


Pure Fitness Special 9ViPR is an acronym for Vitality, Performance, Reconditioning – the concept being to bridge the gap between movement and strength. A simple composite rubber tube with handles, the ViPR can be flipped, lifted, carried, thrown or rolled – over 9,000 different exercises can be done with it. Come and experience this ingenious style of training.

Polar RPM™

Pure Fitness Special 7The class combines the ever popular RPM format together with specialised Polar heart rate monitor and software in a group cycling setting to project each participant’s heart rate and intensity level onto a flat-panel screen. These classes are perfect for people who want to benefit from heart-rate training, allowing each participant to use more accurate data to adjust their training intensity and performance throughout the class. Being able to see the data so easily allows participants to benchmark themselves against other participants in the class as well as against the instructor. The instructor is able to use the data to provide individual coaching and encouragement throughout the class.


Pure Fitness Special 8Tabata was founded in Japan by Izumi Tabata. It is a high intensity interval training conducted typically in a circuit format. The method is designed so that each exercise lasts four minutes long, going through eight intervals of 20 seconds at a very high intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest. Alternatively, two exercises can be combined for an eight minute round at intervals of 40/20. Participants are encouraged to go at their maximum in each interval. Tabata training is known to improve both the aerobic system as well as the anaerobic system and is appropriate for participants looking for the next challenge in their fitness.