Giorgio Armani Dresses FC Bayern München


Giorgio Armani Dresses Fc Bayern Mnchen

The FC Bayern München gets a wardrobe update with Giorgio Armani’s sleek made-to-measure uniforms. Giorgio Armani’s Made To Measure Collection features an anthracite-grey wool/cashmere suit with a two buttons and rounded lapels jacket, waistcoats, flat-front trousers and a reinforced-cotton shirt. As a tribute to the club’s official colours, the collection is aptly topped off with a red mircropatterned on grey ground tie, classic black lace-ups and a duster coat. 

The club, which consists of 77 men and 3 women, signed a three-year clothing contract with Giorgio Armani earlier this May after winning the Germany’s Bundesliga for the 23rd time. Each tailor-made garment comes with a personalised label stating: ‘Giorgio Armani for’, followed by the wearer’s name.