Louis Vuitton Mon Damier Graphite


Louis Vuitton, the eponymous trunk maker since the 19th century, is known for personalising its customer’s trunks with stamping of initials, crests, coats of arms and stripes. To celebrate the savoir-faire of the prestigious trunk maker, the Mon Monogram was introduced in 2008, offering customers a chance to place their unique stamp on Louis Vuitton’s products. With the help of technology exclusively developed by Louis Vuitton, the original stripes and initials can now be applied onto softer pieces such the bags and small leather goods.

Louis Vuitton Mon Damier Graphite

The Mon Damier Graphite, available in 70 Louis Vuitton stores worldwide, offers a personalisation service on its Damier Graphite range, which is the brand’s signature gray check canvas for men. Customers can choose up to five new shades in the personalisation colour range. The Mon Damier Graphite colour shades include khaki, a warm and an ideal partner for brighter shades; taupe, a perfect outline colour and more subtle than ivory on Damier Graphite gray; while turquoise and neon yellow stand out in mixtures with neutrals; and grape functions as a new black.

Mon Damier Graphite is available with initials on the centre (over the stripes), or new configuration on the side. All personalisation colours are available in linings, up to 22 colours to choose from.

Louis Vuitton Mon Damier Graphite Louis Vuitton Mon Damier Graphite Louis Vuitton Mon Damier Graphite