In Conversation: Luke Strickland


Men’s Folio interviews Luke Strickland, Master Barber of Jermyn Street, to find out the inspirations and ideologies that fuel his distinct aesthetic signature. 

Luke Strickland

Professional barber at Jermyn Street, tailoring enthusiast

Luke Strickland

Growing up, who were your fashion icons and favourite fashion brands?

I’ve had a mixed and varied range of styles growing up, but most of them were not the best. Most of the time, I’m influenced by music scenes and the subcultures within them. 

Who are some of the men you think are really stylish at the moment?

I enjoy the styling of the gentlemen on the television series Mad Men, which I’m watching currently.

Name one of the biggest fashion faux pas you wish you hadn’t made.

Ripped jeans. Back in the days, I went through an unfortunate phase where I thought I was Kurt Cobain or something.

Key fall fashion trends you’ll be adopting this season.

Good haircuts.

How far will you go to look fashionable?

Not very. I use a tailor that sorts most of my clothing these days for work and such. I’m more interested in feeling good than looking fashionable.

How would you describe your style?

1950’s clean cut with rough edges.

Where do you get your fashion inspirations/references from?

Probably my customers. If a gentleman comes in the shop looking sharp, I would subconsciously pay attention to why that is. If I like it, I’ll adopt it.

What are you shopping habits? Tell us some of your favourite shopping sites and retail stores.

I enjoy the shops in London’s Jermyn Street. It genuinely is a throwback to a time when men had pride and character. Quality is all that matters in every shop on that street and I respect that.

How important is fashion/grooming to a man?

Depends on the man I guess. I think it’s just about accurately presenting your attitude that day. If you don’t think it’s very important, you’ll likely present that.

What are the key accessories that a man should have?

A nice watch, decent pair of shoes, and a good haircut.

In your opinion, how does dressing well empower a person?

The feeling of being well dressed, comfortable and presentable is something that can give a man a certain confidence. It’s actually why I do what I do – if you’re not feeling great, get yourself a great haircut. It can instantly lift you up and make you stand a little prouder. I think the same applies to dressing well.

What are some of the style rules that you live by?

Dress confidently and comfortably, and don’t try to be the loudest guy in the room. Actually that last part doesn’t just apply to clothing.