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F1 Entertainment Line-Up


Are we excited about the upcoming races in this year’s Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix? Sure. However, what is really keeping us on the edge of our seats is the entertainment line-up of international superstars from Jennifer Lopez to Robbie Williams, who will take centre stage to rev up the weekend party, as well as a series of performances by international and local artistes.

FrititiFormula One Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix

The F1 entertainment programme will see an eclectic round up of performances by talents from 20 countries. Expect music acts by Jamaican musician Richard Blues and Singapore’s very own band, The Sam Willows; mind-boggling magic shows by illusionists Andrew Mayne and The Artifice Group; or spot roving artistes who will be performing throughout the Circuit Park. Don’t miss out some of the fun-filled workshops such as Frititi (African dance) or Asia Ability, which transforms a group of participating individuals into a percussion band in less than an hour.

Illusionist Andrew MayneFormula One Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix Musician Richard BluesFormula One Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix